We build an environment where people are happy, productive and dynamic
Appota is committed to the welfare policy of our company. We wish to create the most favorable conditions for our staff in order to ensure employee dedication and high quality work.
We offer a generous remuneration policy, salary, and bonuses. We aim to encourage new employees to join and contribute to the development of the company through our attractive and generous remuneration policy. The salary and bonus offered suit each job position, applicable skills, and professional qualification of the staff. Appota acknowledges the capacity and results of individual work with corresponding compensation, and also encourages employees to improve their productivity and efficiency with fiscal incentives.
Appota – We pride ourselves on our multicultural, professional, dynamic, and innovative working environment.
Appota – We have a distinctly open and friendly culture. Appota has a familial environment where all employees share meals and conversation together in our 10th floor common room/cafe.
Appota – We nuture talent and help employees to develop their individual capabilties. At Appota, we outline a career development path for each employee, according to their area of expertise and career goals. We faciliate staff rotation between different departments instead of having employees remain in a single department. Rotation helps staff to learn skills and gain expertise in multiple working environments.
Appota believes that students are the key to future success at Appota. Our company makes a concentrated effort to make job opportunities available to talented students. By providing the best support and learning environment possible, we ensure that students can apply their academic knowledge and practical skills to their work.
By coming to Appota, you will have the opportunity to work in an open and friendly environment. You will learn firsthand from experienced colleagues, who are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise.
Students participating in an internship (as well as trainees) are entitled to benefits such as free breakfast, free afternoon tea break, and free parking at the company. In addition to this, they can join team building activities, tours, and other local events, like regular employees of the company. Each trainee working at Appota will be guided by an experienced manager. Our team will make sure your working environment maximizes your skills and creativity.
If you are interested in working at Appota in the long term, we are happy to explore this possibility with you!
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